My Words by Lavita Saikia

Thanks Ephemeral Elegies for featuring my poem😊

Ephemeral Elegies

Weaving my dreams into a blanket of words,
I find solace emptying my heart,
My words too suppressed and too silent,
Otherwise in this gloomy world!

Sitting in my spot, observing the world,
Lips quivering to utter a word,
Letters flow like the notes in music,
Adorned with a string of mellifluous sounds!

I heard we write for we cannot speak,
Our words are weak to burst out of our lips,
But our stories and letters are tough and brutal,
Sometimes soothing, sometimes abstruse!

I love this glorious world in my mind, 
Filled with an irresistible thirst for love,
To share what I know and how I feel,
Through these elegant wonderful strokes of my words!

Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com

About the Poet:

Lavita Saikia has been in love with written words since she was a child. She did her masters in English Literature. Her love for books introduced her…

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