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My Dear Buddy

You are my loveliest friend,

With whom a lifetime I can spend.

You have the special quality of making others smile,

With you, I can go the extra smile.

You are a true friend of mine,

And I know one day you will shine!

You are my lifeline and with you,

I am perpetually fine!

Thank you for always being on my side,

With you, I constantly enjoy the ride.

This is a such a lovely note by my Instagram friend, Sneha Shrivastava. She wrote this sweet little piece showing her love and dedication to her friend. How beautiful is friendship! A great way to celebrate the Valentine’s month.

Her Instagram id is: @writingmyvision.



I remember the dusk when we sat on the porch,
September breeze stroking us,
Red coffee mugs on our warm hands,
Eyes met the orange horizon.
New yellow leaves from the grand tree,
Kissed the cooling earth below!
The tranquil warmth of the world around,
Brought peace to my heart,
I relished the coffee my fingers held,
Marveling at the beauty the Lord made,
But then you looked with your weary eyes,
And questioned me with your little smile,
If that majestic tree would lose its glory,
If you hung a rope on its beautiful branch,
And embraced it in the middle of the night,
When the Earth slept!



The mystical delight
in search of a long lost love,
Who kept her frigid heart beating,
Like a womb sustains a life!
Kiss me my love like the dew kisses the rose,
Cried her heart many a time.
Enduring waves built of distress,
And a mountain of broken hopes,
Still desiring to sing her heart out,
About her glorious love!
She knows not if her feet are strong,
To carry her further in her journey of love,
Yet her dream is blazing bright for
his soothing embrace one more time!

This valentine season had to write about love 😊❤ So will be publishing a few ones on love.



A sliced tongue, hushed ears,
Numb emotions and
Frozen heart,
Is all you want!
As the body warms and
The mind opines,
Shut again and pushed back
To where it was!!

Oppression is nothing new! Be in the form of abuse, societal pressures, and domination. Or in the form of oscillating emotions and mental health. It is real! But breaking out of it is what matters in the end.

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First Love

Leaping she goes feeling the first flakes of snow,
And the first feeling of warmth,
That his smile brings,
And his kind voice when it says her name,
And her beating heart thumping,
At his glorious presence!
She giggles like a child when I ask how she is,
Hands me a glass when I ask for flour,
Her mirror giving up on her endless gaze,
And I laugh as I see her breaking into smiles,
In the middle of a supermarket buying some fish,
And her nimble footsteps dancing around!